Service Information


With a thorough knowledge of injection molding machines made by Japanese manufacturers, we provide a visiting maintenance service in Japan and even abroad so that our customers can use their machines securely.
Izumi Warehouse, Thailand warehouse complete facility and system for overhauls and other work. We also send away our machine to the market under sufficient maintenance and test running before ship out.


If you wish to sell your machine or are looking for a molding machine, please let us know with type of machine through our trading form on the web. We would reply to you immediately or visit you to make an assessment.  With respect to peripheral equipment and metal molds, please check the Peripheral Equipment Inventory on our web site and please also let us know the product you are interested in though trading form. Also, if the product you are looking for is not included on the inventory, please call us.

A Proactive Approach

By quickly sensing changes in market needs and obtaining the latest industry-related information, we provide an extensive lineup of products to meet customers' requirements. To enable prompt delivery of goods, we endeavor to maintain a sufficient stock of products from all manufacturers.


Since its founding, S.K. Company has engaged in trading, domestic sales and maintenance service, consistently specializing in used injection molding machines. We also provide a consulting service to ensure users' understanding, providing accurate domestic and international information to users and serving as a resource to help formulate corporate management strategies.

International market share

We export our products to more than 10 countries and regions, and have promptly and accurately met the requirements of the respective importers. In the process, we have successfully established firm relationships of mutual trust, which have enabled us to be among the leaders in the Asian market.

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